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[11 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

Two parents make the hard decision to leave their own country for a land of opportunity for their children. The warmth and security of their tribe and customs behind them, the look ahead to the potential for prosperity in a place of strange and fast activity.  As the years pass, they make their way:  educating their children in a language that is not their own, endeavoring to instill the values of their home culture and religion in a place where their children encounter daily influences contrary to their native expectations.  …

Defining Root Problems, Economic Opportunity, Many Forms of Slavery »

[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]

So many things in life are insidious. They creep up, unnoticed.  In the beginning: normalcy.  A range of “acceptable” that is generally agreed by the majority of a society or culture.   Then, as the boundaries of normalcy are pushed, ever so slowly, the centering point for what is “normal” shifts, with motion barely perceptible, till one day the recollection of “what used to be” creates a sense of aghast over the extremity of the change.  Like shifts in acceptable hemlines over time (one day the knees must not show and …

Economic Opportunity »

[7 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]

It is the in-between places that get us.  American, Persian, Chinese, French, Bolivian- its all the same:  The true fight we face from the moment we are born is the fight to reach the finish line with our values and integrity intact.
It is the in-between places that get us.  When one chapter of our life closes but the next chapter has not yet opened.  When the home or job or family we knew is no longer the same.  When the security of sameness that we cling to for inner strength …

Economic Opportunity »

[13 Feb 2009 | One Comment | ]

A World of Opportunity
This blog is dedicated to
appreciation of the beautiful
individual and cultural differences
the blend into the sensory and spiritual mosaic
that is our beautiful world symphony.

And to a key source of energy that will sustain it:
Global Economic Opportunity.

Do you believe that we are all part of the creation of a beautiful world symphony?
Do you believe that global economic opportunity presents hope for the expansion of the things in our world that are good, right and true?
Do you believe that we are all one …