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Organizational Structure and Economic Opportunity

1 December 2009 No Comment

handshake When is a deal a deal?  When the words are spoken?  When the hands meet? When the contract is signed?

In contrast to some countries which have a reputation for corruption at the local and country levels- within government and in the private sector, too- the United States, for all its wayward steps and occasional embarrassments, continues to be respected and desired as a business partner.  The United States is known as a country where deals are reliable.   The United States is viewed as a place of safety, opportunity and integrity.   The world wants to do business with Americans.

Why is it that some countries are more corrupt than others?  After all, people are people wherever they are and wherever they come from.  There are the good, the bad and the confused.

It’s simple:  America is a democracy with Rule of Law grounded in respect for the human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   And the Rule of Law stands upon the four pillars of democracy:  Transparency, Accountability, Participation and Fair Competition.

Throughout the world, organizations in developing countries are learning to manage their affairs in accordance with the pillars of democracy that have made America the great, strong nation of integrity that it is.   Business and nonprofit organizations will expand their access to business opportunities and grant funding by developing organizational structures, policies and procedures that rest on these pillars.

Transparency    Accountability    Participationnd Fair Competition

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