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Immigration Reform: We Can Fix This

19 November 2009 12 Comments

Janet Napolitano is President Obama’s “point person” for Immigration Reform. As the US Department of Homeland Security Secretary and a past governor of the State of Arizona, she is well versed in immigration issues. While she is an advocate of immigration reform and national security, she does not bode fools well. She is famous for her statement “You show me a 50 foot wall and I will show you a 51 foot ladder.”
On November 13, 2009 she met with John Podesta, President of the Center for American Progress (“CAP”) to address the progress of immigration reform. What is “immigration reform?” In short, it is a restructuring of United States law that governs immigration issues.

Currently, congressmen are working on a plan that will simultaneously:
• protect US borders with “comprehensive suite of policies”,
• support the continuation of the resurgence of the US economy with a plan that will enable undocumented aliens to stop hiding in the shadows, register and pay taxes,
• stop lengthy separation of family members within the immigration process, and
• respect the contribution and allegiance that many immigrants have shown in their duty in the US Military protecting US citizens, even before they have taken the oath of US citizenship.

The plan recognizes how impracticable it is to try to drive all undocumented aliens out, as well as how beneficial to the US economy it will be to enable registration of undocumented foreigners who are working in the USA under the table (without paying income taxes.)
“The economy is growing again and job losses have slowed. It is a continuing process. Now it is time to fortify the United States and “lay a new foundation of growth and prosperity,” says Napolitano, “12 Million people are here illegally, living in the shadows. Reform is needed. The laws themselves need to be reformed with: 1) commitment to fair, reliable enforcement 2) improved legal flows for new immigrants and 3) firm and fair ways to deal with those who are already here. The immigrant story is part of what it means to be an American.”

Congressmen are working to create legislation that will create an immigration system that works. Comprehensive reform efforts failed in 2007. But many of the concerns that congress members addressed in 2007 as necessary prior to reform have been met, such as allocation of additional resources and enforcement. Security at the Mexican border has been improved significantly with additional resources, inspections and surveillance technology. Workforce compliance initiatives have expanded and a system for electronic verification of eligibility of new hires (e-verify) has been put into place. Procedures to facilitate the process for new immigrants, such as website and e-mail communications with respect to the status of immigration applications have been implemented. New biometric equipment has been incorporated into the system that allows comparison of fingerprints to quickly identify people committing immigration fraud. Business leaders and labor leaders are calling for reform to support business and financial interests. Faith groups are calling for reform on moral and ethical grounds. Secretary Napolitano says, “WE CAN FIX THIS.”

The United States is ready for immigration reform. Immigration reform is coming. And thankfully, it appears that the full picture of needs is being reviewed for re-work. For example, current visa laws make it difficult for high skilled foreigners who have been educated in the USA to continue to work here.  According to Napolitano, “America educates many of the brightest students from around the world and then tells them they must leave when many would rather stay and build businesses. The current visa policies are hindering the growth of businesses that want to expand. We must protect the labor rights of current workers while revising a legal work force in cases where businesses can’t find Americans to fill the jobs. These changes will make the economy stronger and more prosperous for all. Going forward, visa policies will be crafted to address all aspects of economic needs.”

She also notes that where families are concerned, the current system is outdated. “No one should need to wait in line for years to reunite with a family or spouse.  Many individuals have risked their lives in the military to protect Americans even before they take the oath of citizenship.”  She concludes: “We are both a nation of immigrants, and a nation of laws. This is ingrained in our national character.  It has helped make America the great nation that it is.  But we must modernize our laws for the 21st century so that this a a vision that can endure. This is a task that is critical, obtainable, and that we are fully committed to fulfilling. “

Immigration reform is coming. Potential new immigrants to the USA and undocumented workers already in America- begin to create your vision for your life in the USA. Economic Opportunity is on its way! It will not always be easy-Americans are known for their hard work. There will be registrations to complete, taxes to pay. Crime and/or moral turpitude will never be tolerated. But as President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary articulated so well: “Immigration reform will be part of a new growth, prosperity and security that rewards the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that immigrants have always brought to America.” America is, has always been, and always will be THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY.

God Bless America

God Bless America


  • Mike Harmon said:

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  • Brittancus said:


    For decades this country has been a very large sponge, for anybody who can easily slip by the under funded border fence? Our compassion for the impoverished has turned into a travesty and now we are forced by the IRS to pay government entitlements to those who came here illegally. WE think it’s bad now, but if Sen.Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer, Sen. Gutierrez and all the rest of Democratic Liberals get to pass another AMNESTY. The volume of indigent humanity waiting in every tin shack across the Southern border, the visa overstays from Europe and any other destitute society will rush for America, once the–BLANKET AMNESTY–bell tolls. We think we have a problem now, with hundreds of thousands of homeless? The government will have to build acres of tent cities to hold the newcomers.

    If the border cannot restrain those who come here now, the US border Patrol or even the National Guard will not stop the onslaught. Not only will the materialize on our soil, from every corner of Central and South America, but will start arriving from Canada as well. With billions of dollars being spent on the families of Anchor Babies, shouldn’t all of us be–COMMITTED AND PLACED IN THERAPY–to think the illegal immigration will just stop? Why hasn’t the Birthright citizenship law reached the Supreme court yet? Why did California’s Proposition 187 suddenly vanish? That’s what the last three White House Administrations led us believe, when all the time they were supporting–CORPORATE WELFARE. The majority of policy makers up their in Washington, are out to fill their coffers with campaign contributions and other undisclosed remuneration. It’s about keeping their careers and getting their copious pensions, when they retire. Neither party can be forgiven for the indifference shown to every American worker. The two parties have been instrumental in the free trade facade, that has cost jobs, the NAFTA controversy, the subliminal merger between Canada, USA and Mexico. We are awash with debt like nothing before? And President Obama wants to–FORCE–on this bleeding nation yet another monstrous AMNESTY?

    It’s about the special interest lobbyists that corrupts the whole environment in the Capitol. Illegal immigration is by far the largest expenditures to the this nation? The costs will stagger the prudent mind, because the dollar figure is off the scale. This is not just in federal dollars, but state, county and city dollars? If they cannot be honest and telling us the illegal population in this sovereign nation, they certainly will not inform the crippling financial price to support them. GOOGLE–NUMBERSUSA for enforcement grading of your politicians in federal or state government? Read about corruption and sanctuary city policies at JUDICIAL WATCH. CAPWEB, ALIPAC, CAPSWEB, AMERICAN PATROL & THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Hunt down you politician either over the phone at 202-224-3121, or go their in person. Tell them that they are–OUT–if they vote for any kind of AMNESTY. Tell them E-Verify must be made permanent, to start the “ATTRITION” enforcement procedure for every illegal worker in America? What can you do for AMERICA? We cannot afford overpopulation growth, nor corrupt politicians pandering to illegal immigrant open border fanatics?

  • Admin said:

    I am proud to be an American, living in a country with Freedom of Speech. Therefore, while I do not agree with the comments or logic of Brittanicus, his/her opinion is being printed. As to illegal immigration being the largest expense to our nation? Imagine the income taxes that would be contributed to the economy if all illegal immigrants currently here and working were allowed a form of amnesty that made it possible for them to stop “hiding in the shadows” and pay their fair share for civil services such as healthcare! Most illegal immigrants do not want to be hiding and DO want to be participants in American society. It is why they came here. Out nation was founded upon the entrepreneurialism of immigrants. Brittanicus, your grandfather was likely an immigrant.

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  • nagumit3 said:

    that the third rail in politics is Social Security If you touch it you die (politically). I would dare say that Immigration has probably replaced or at least joined Social Security. Neither candidate wants to talk about reform for fear of alienating either constituency (those favoring reform and those favoring border security). McCain has spoken more to the issue as it is such an important part of his base’s worry, however he has focused on border security rather than discussing his support of the reform bill of a couple of years back. One caveat of Obama’s emphasis on economy is that it unfortunately plays into the hands of those who erroneously blame the undocumented for the US economic woes (i.e., taking jobs or driving down wages ) making it more difficult for Obama to address this issue as well. Ultimately, I am saddened that the Lou Dobbes and Rush Limbaughes of the world have dictated this conversation in such a way that good honest conversations have become impossible in the national arena by the two persons most likely to lead us in addressing this question.

  • tikegun847 said:

    I believe that many in the Hispanic/Latino community are mislead by believing that a particular political party is interested in our needs. Until now the only people who have cared about our needs for immigration reform have been individuals (both from the left and the right). We cannot as a community of believers throw our support to one particular party that gives lip service to Hispanics in the elections, but once in power do absolutely nothing to help the immigrant community. Neither Obama nor McCain are interested at this moment to do anything about immigration. Unfortunately, until Hispanics become a more relevant political force in America we will continue to get empty promises from both the left and the right!

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