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The ONLY opportunity

5 June 2009 One Comment

Throughout the world, millions of people are alone. Some are alone as a result of mistakes made in the past.  Some are alone as the result of mistakes made by others.  Some are alone because that is their destiny.  It is a destiny of opportunity.

True to “The-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side” voice that rises up in the background noise of our heads, the “Only” life is viewed as a life of freedom from responsibility- freedom from drudgery.  Only’s can go where they want, when they want- unfettered by children, spouses, in-laws, siblings.  They have the luxury to travel, to move residence at will, to develop hobbies.  They can spend their money on themselves rather than on their children’s education… And so the thinking goes.

When help is needed, it is often the “Only” who is called.   After all, they do not have the responsibilities others do.   Providing help is easiest for them.  Or is it?

Only’s know the truth- they live it.  Only’s must earn twice as much as others because one must pay the electric bill rather than two- or five.  Only’s must work twice as hard as others, because there is no one to share the load.  Each and every time the trash must go out, bills must be paid, household equipment must be fixed, it is their responsibility.  Only’s have half the time available that others do, because there is no sharing of the daily responsibilities.  And this cycle of “double load” is exacerbated by the prevailing attitude that leads others to rely upon the Only for assistance with their chores, too- in the misconception that the Only is more available.   Even then, the exacerbation is magnified by the “lonely” in the Only that evokes a desire to please all around, and accordingly a “yes” response to every request for time, support, assistance, labor, money.

What is an Only to do?

Carpe´ Diem, Only’s! Sieze the day!  There is more time for the Only- but for the possessions.  There is more money for the Only- but for the need to pay the bills.  There is more freedom of choice- but for the self-imposed accomplishing of tedium for others- and occasionally, succumbing to the crushing weight of “aloneness” which distorts understanding of the most valuable commodity in the universe- the only commodity that fuels good:  love.   Love springs from with within, not from without.

Rise up, Only’s! Don’t look back.   Forward ahead is your power to Make A Difference.   And that power exceeds the power of most.  Your time is your own.  Reacquaint yourself with it.  Only- you are rich!  Rich with the second most valuable commodity in the universe: Time.    If you own your time, guarding it like a storehouse, measuring its issue, you will find you indeed have more than others. And it is Time above all, except Love, that empowers the making of a difference.

Utilize your day of rest to re-assess and prioritize.  Scrutinize the leaks, drains and usurpers of your storehouse of wealth. To whom and what is your time being dedicated?  If to possessions, rid them.  Each possession cast away adds precious Time to your storehouse.   And that time, charged by the love within you, is a source of enormous personal power.

Only’s- begin with the destination.  See it clearly.  Plan the outcome of your power.  Plan the road and the issue of your Time well, to that end. You have the power to:

…change attitudes with words
…change hearts with love
…change government policies with communications
…care for orphans
…read to the blind
…make beautiful music
…clean up a beach
…pray for good outcomes
…plant a tree
…spread joy

Only’s- The question is not: “Why are you alone?” or even “How will you pay the bills?”  The question is:

What is the difference will you make?

The opportunity to put good in the world is truly the Only opportunity. Choose well.

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