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No Opportunity-No Money to Start: The Stories Begin

11 June 2009 No Comment

If you missed the introduction to how Miguel from Mexico, Fuhrat from Iraq and Hanna from Bulgaria were able to access global economic opportunity and create prosperity for themselves and their families with no opportunity-no money to start, go to the FULL STORY.

Here is the continuation…

POST 2   The Stories Begin

Manuel from Mexico

Dejected, Manuel hung his feet over the dock and proceeded to attach a worm to the hook.   He couldn’t even afford chum.  That morning, his wife had shouted in desperation that “he had nothing and he was nothing.”   It was little consolation to him that despite the cruise lines of tourists running through the port in his village in Mexico; his reality was also the reality of most residents in the village:  stone poor.  How to make something from nothing?  How to ever get beyond the daily need to fish for his family’s dinner? If he had money, he would start a business.  But he had nothing.  Nothing but seaweed, he mused, as he pulled a piece off of his sneakers.

As his mind faded into the solace of the comfort yielding serenity of fishing, a wee small voice inside him chastised, “That’s right.  Nothing but seaweed.  It’s all you’ve got, so work with it.”

The next day that Manuel caught enough fish to feed his family for two days, he took the following day off from fishing and went to the library to learn all he could about seaweed.  He would use this knowledge to parlay “nothing” into a life of wealth and prosperity for him and his family, by accessing global economic opportunity.

Fuhrat from Iraq

His factory in shambles, Fuhrat recalled the day that he was the wealthiest man in his city.  Then came the violence and corruption that destroyed his life and the life of his employees, when he could no longer afford the costs of transportation of materials through the dangerous streets, or the costs of repairs to his tile production factory.  And his date-palm growing business- that was gone, too.  The lack of electricity and fuel had made it impossible for his workers to attend to the trees.  And even if there had been enough electricity and water, the workers would have stopped coming because the streets were too violent to navigate.   There is no way to recover from this, Fuhrat ruminated.  The violence had subsided and the marketplace was once again open.  Peace had come, along with new liberties.  He was a strong and experienced businessman who knew how to make things happen.  But he had been reduced to nothing.  He had nothing.  No opportunity- No money to start.

As his mind took refuge from distraught in the mindless comfort of kicking stones, a wee small voice inside him rebelled: “You do not have nothing.  You have YOU!  You are what you’ve got, so work with it!”

In that moment, Fuhrat set himself upon a course that would re-establish his prosperity, enabling him to build and maintain business offices in three different countries, and immigrate with his family to the USA.

Hanna from Bulgaria

Hanna’s mother-in-law shouted at her to wipe the fingerprints from the picture frame.  She had barely touched it.  Of course, her hands were dirty from the hard labor in the field that morning.  Her clothes were filthy, too.  She was only allowed enough soap to clean her one dress once a week.  It had been that way since her husband died.  Her only comfort, sewing, had been lost, too, when her sewing machine broke and there was no money to fix it.  As her mother-in-law screamed at her to clean the latrine, her mind faded to the escape of daydreams about sewing beautiful colorful costumes for the National Theater in Sofia…  Catching her own worn image in the piece of reflective glass hanging over the sink, she was thrust back into reality.  You have nothing, she thought to herself.  No opportunity-No money to start.  So quit the daydreaming, she chastised herself.

Setting back to the task before her she plunged the plunger into the toilet (if you could call it that.)  The filthy water slapped back at her face even as the inner voice of strength slapped back at her resignation:

“Find Your Opportunity!  Find the Money to Start!”

And find she did.  The next day was the first day of the rest of Hannah’s life.  It would be a wonderful life of creativity in design, including sewing and beautiful (and expensive) fabrics in all the colors of the world.  She would even make a new home in the USA.

Come back next Sunday for the next installment of the stories of Miguel, Fuhrat and Hanna.  Three impoverished individuals from three different countries, who achieved prosperity by accessing global economic opportunity.  All three had No Opportunity-No Money to Start.  Learn how they did it.

What is Your Inner Voice Saying to You?

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