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World Song

10 May 2009 3 Comments

Let us create  a manifestation of the beauty of our World Symphony.

I have a vision for a piece of beautiful music, sung in harmonious rounds, in different languages simultaneously, throughout the world.   The world’s greatest melodies in the background (“Let There Be Peace on Earth”/Mozart’s Allelujah/etc.”)  in instruments and choruses from throughout the world- with the superimposition of spoken prayers from all ends of the world- in many languages and in many voices.  The old, the young, the vital, the infirm, the politicians, the mothers, the weary, the strong.  One World song of prayer for which we could all agree.

I will begin this World Song here and now with my most cherished prayer- a prayer given to me by Hank Cargan, a wise Rabbi, then of 86 years on Earth.  After I returned from Kuwait and Iraq, we spent many hours discussing the similarities and differences in the Torah, the Qu’ran and the Bible, as I struggled to make sense of wars and atrocities born of faith.  When life is difficult, I turn to the simple prayer Hank left me-  a guide, beautiful in its simplicity.

Oh My God,

Guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking guile.

And to such who curse me, let my soul be dumb.

Yeah let my soul, unto the dust, be saved by Thy power.

Do you have a verse you would add to a World Song?   Contribute it here, and two years from today we will set aside one hour for the world to sing in unison.   Let me know if you would like to be a country organizer for this great event.

We all have the power to manifest the beauty of our World Symphony.  World Song.


  • Offe said:

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  • Andrew B. said:

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  • CrisBetewsky said:

    You know, I don’t read blogs. But yours is really worth beeing read.