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What color is God’s skin?

4 May 2009 No Comment

Ten years ago, as a teacher in a private Christian school,  I enjoyed it immensely when the kids clamored around my desk after class asking the questions they really needed answers to.  Sometimes they would try to stump me.   Like the time the black kids and the white kids, separated into color coded teams and clearly arguing amongst themselves, came to my desk for resolution.

“Mizzem,  (so they called me, I don’t know why),  tell them!”    “What color was Jesus- Black or White?!”

“Of course Jesus was white,” shouted the white kids.

“He was not!”  shouted the black kids.

All of them heatedly  looked to me for the answer.   The answer was so easy.

“Jesus was not black or white.  He was middle-eastern.”

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