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Revenge of an Immigrant

14 May 2009 No Comment

When Fabio arrived in the United States in 2003, from France, American sentiment was not friendly to the French, who had refused to support participation in the Iraq war.  Within his first few weeks in the United States, he was beaten up.   Then, a co-worker at his new job tormented him relentlessly, unabashedly telling him “The French are not welcome here.”   Feeling bitter and angry, he alternately felt a desire for vengeance, and considered whether he should return to France.  

One day, as he was at work in the medical lab, his co-worker was particularly brutal.  Looking down at his work,  then up at her twisted face, amid a torrent of verbal abuse, he suddenly had a life-changing and character-defining realization.  He realized that the bird flu vaccine he was researching might one day save his co-workers life and the life of her family.   And he further realized that this realization filled him with joy.   He knew then that his vengeance was sublime and sweet- returning wrong with goodness.   Persevering through the hard spots, he ultimately came to find most Americans warm and welcoming, and to enjoy his life in the USA.     

Beautiful- this lesson from an immigrant.  

The ability to rise above obstacles to attain a greater personal success has been a hallmark contribution of America’s immigrants to the Face of America.   America’s greatest strength is in the strength of character, generosity of spirit and perseverence of its people.   “We the people” are proud to state that our heritage is the heritage of immigrants, and to merge the lessons of immigrants into our national character.

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