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How much money can you make on the internet?

4 May 2009 No Comment

How much money can you REALLY make on the internet?  All over the world, people are asking this question.   Here is the quick answer:

Many are making $500 US Dollars a month and some are making $90,000 US dollars a month.   Most, after several years of effort, are making $2000 to $5000 a month with a website or a blog.   When one considers the purchasing power of these sums in various economies, it is clear there is substantive opportunity.

The beauty of the internet:  Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access this opportunity.   Male, female or confused-  all have equal opportunity. To a large degree, achievement will be commensurate with effort, talent and skill.  You can be your own boss- a circumstance most everyone in every country would agree is desirable!  And how is that for a basis for peace?  Tolerance borne of desire for commerce, if not heart-based to begin with.  EnShallah, the heart piece of human understanding and appreciation of differences will follow.

But what of language differences? Is a person who speaks English well likely to do better with an internet business?   I suspect it is so.   People of various nations have the ability to communicate and understand each other to an extent unprecedented.  Just fifty years ago, the outpouring of compassion (and aid) for countries devastated by the great Tsunami of 2005 could not have happened.   There could not have been the awareness of the peoples of the world of the extent of the plight.   The internet has brought us this wonderful communicative ability.  But even as we are connected, we must still understand.  English, it seems, is the most common language for a basis of understanding.

English is not the most complex language.    Nor is it the “prettiest.”   And I would never detract from the beauty of our world symphony of cultures by wishing for any dilution of the beautiful languages of the world.   However, because of the breadth of use of the English language, improving English skills will improve the ability to communicate with a larger group of people, improve ability to access global opportunity, and improve ability to earn money.

How much money are you making on the internet? What is your goal?
Is improving your ability to communicate in English on your list of basic skills to succeed?

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