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Eyes of 17

15 May 2009 2 Comments

 In my head I am seventeen because I still:

Seek out new things

Am amazed by new things

Get lost

And somehow find my way home

Believe that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

Value simplicity over complexity

And prefer a greasy spoon on the path less travelled to a five star restaurant and a guided tour

Believe that there is beauty in all people,

That other cultures are more interesting than my own,

That all people have special gifts

And that those who do harm wound themselves more

In my head I am seventeen because I still:

Would rather give than receive

Find and give Hope where there appears to be none

Detest intolerance

Avoid Anger

Defy Fear

Believe that all people are basically good

Continue to be blind-sided when they are not

And plan to keep it that way

Believe that accomplishment is more important than money

Faith is more important than accomplishment

And nothing is more important than Faith

Am loyal to the finish

Remain committed to improving the world

And would rather be right and foolish than wrong and accepted

Rely on God as my compass

Conscience as guide

And when my head and heart don’t match

Go with my heart

Daydream about faraway places

Play guitar

Collect musical instruments from faraway places

And Sing

Pretending I am the girl sent to fetch the water

In my head I am seventeen because I still:

Can’t say “No.”

Expect good things

Make the same mistakes twice.

Take a stand

Fight for the underdog

Forget to fight for me

Want to be a missionary but wish I had roots

Which makes no more sense now

Than then.

Choose an eentsy home in a spectacularly beautiful and inconvenient place

Over a grand, convenient house in an upscale area

Even when it makes no sense

And then add a music room onto it, which makes no sense.

But it makes me happy

At age 48 I have:

Seen faraway places

Assisted in disasters

Been a leader

Rescued people

Raised funds for good causes

Made friends in different states and continents

Kept the friends I had when I was 17

Sung much

Danced much

Cried much

Been blessed much

And have learned that

Forgiveness is the key to healing

And the power of prayer is stronger than the world can contemplate

At age 48 I have only just learned:

That my job on this Earth is me

But I would still rather think about and be there for others

That giving the gift of thought and prayer comes

Before the gift of money

That it is pointless to continue reading about quantum mechanics

But I intend to continue

At age 48:

When I see how beautifully my friends have grown families

While I have grown only memories

I sometimes feel sad

And hope there will be some who will stand up for me at the pearly gates

And trust scripture that the children of the barren can be numerous

And wait for the opportunity to find those children in faraway places

Where if I am lucky I may be sent to help

And dance and sing

And wear colorful clothes

And speak in strange languages

And awe in God’s marvelous creation

The beautiful symphony of our world

And one day find my way home with integrity and faith intact.

These are the reasons why at 48 I am still 17.


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