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29 May 2009 No Comment

The first law of thermodynamics is this:  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.   The form of energy may change- becoming, for example, mechanical, chemical, or heat energy.   But more energy is not produced.  Any energy “created” or used is diverted from elsewhere.

If one considers this principle carefully, it becomes clear that there is no reasonable place for anger.  Investing energy in anger only draws that energy away from something productive.  Have you ever noticed that after being angry you become tired?  This is because you have drained energy to that end.  As individuals and as a world, we ought spare no room for anger.   Our energy is precious.

It is commonly thought that good results from the “doing” of good.  That action is essential to progress.   That lack of action is laziness or neglect- to be abhorred.  Yet, there is productive energy in rest.  Can one compare the seldom used but razor sharp cutting knife to the knife that is worn after days and years on end of use?  Contrary to appearance, it is not in “doing” but in “being” that our energy is best expended.  If we each strive to “be” the energy that we would have in the world- peace, joy, love, sense of plenty- that is the world we will see.  There is creative energy in faith, and in “being”.  Good works flow naturally from this.

Quantum physicists are only just beginning to prove what theologists have known all along- that faith can manifest reality.   That at the subatomic level, the act of observance alone can create particles.  What we choose to regard – to observe- is critical to the world we manifest.  We can choose to see the beauty, and it is beauty we will see- beauty we will be.

Today is an opportunity for each of us to take a proactive role in making the world a more harmonious place.  To achieve that, we do not need to fight a battle for justice, atone for past mistakes, or plan strategically.   We simply need to focus on making our own inner lives more harmonious.  We need to “be” the energy that we would would have.  We are the world- so far as we can see.

Today is an opportunity to refuse to let others steal your peace.  To refuse to let others invoke your anger and thereby divert your precious creative energy.  Today is an opportunity to redesign vision of your life and purpose:  To find peace and joy in “being” and thereby to become peace in the world.  Do not allow anyone or anything to ruffle you.

It is short-sighted to think that energy is about oil, that opportunity is about action.   Energy is about us.  We are the energy of the world.  Our freedom of choice for the use of our energy is our greatest opportunity.  By the Grace of God’s beautiful design.

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