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Confronting Swine Flu: Should borders be closed?

5 May 2009 2 Comments

How trivial do the disputes among us seem when suddenly, as a world, we are confronted by forces larger – or in the case of a virus- smaller-  that threaten?  Swine flu may be today’s wake up call, but it is far from the only threat we must confront in unison.

In 2009, the planet is warming.  Species are dying.  Ecosystems are changing.  Impacts on food supplies loom.

In 2009, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.   Scientists testing the oceans are finding trace levels of medicines in the waters, because people throw their excess down the drain.  Over 90% of the fish in major bodies of water have been depleted as a result of mass commercial fishing.

In 2009, there are brackets of space junk circling the earth.  Barges of nuclear waste circle the oceans with nowhere to go and a billion year half life of radioactivity.

In 2009, several super-volcanoes are overdue to blow.

Mankind does not have the luxury to wage wars, wasting energies, time and potential carving out turf and subduing others to elevate positions or beliefs.

For hundreds of years, we did not see each other.  Suffering in Mambai would have been known only anecdotally by way of merchants.   In 2009, technology has enabled us to see, reach and interact with people half a world away

In 2009, MANKIND HAS THE POTENTIAL to unite as one planet under God, sharing resources, sharing brilliance, sharing a common mission- to perpetuate and grow a world symphony where individual and cultural differences are valued, and uniqueness and integrity of individualities are preserved, even as efforts are merged to overcome natural and man-made threats.  Truly, for the first time since the dawn of civilization, we have the power to cure world hunger.

Shall we better bicker about whether to close borders, or unify to create a cure?


  • Joker said:

    Greatings, Can i take a one small photo from your blog?

  • admin said:

    Very Funny, Joker. 🙂