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Earning Money in a Global World, Economic Opportunity, Taxi Driver Wisdom »

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We all want opportunity.  In years past, opportunity was hard to come by.  Today, with the internet, opportunity is there for us.  To some degree, it may even assail us, with the seemingly endless promises of overnight wealth to be attained.
In his great work MacBeth, Shakespeare wrote: “Evil lures with trifles of truth.”  And so it does.   When someone buries a wee bit of truth within a proposition that may seem preposterous, but is yet something we would hope for, the tendency is to fixate on the bit of truth …

Earning Money in a Global World, Economic Opportunity, Men & Women »

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How much money can you make on the Internet? Who can access internet opportunity? What are the benefits? How important is a solid command of English to internet success?

Defining Root Problems, Eyes of Children »

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“Of course Jesus was white,” shouted the white kids.

“He was not!” Shouted the black kids.

All of them heatedly looked to me for the answer. The answer was so easy, and it was so enervating to be able to enlighten them.