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Susan Boyle- A Light of Hope and a Model of Possibilities

16 April 2009 10 Comments

It is a new world.  Countries and people are interconnected in ways our parents could not have imagined.  We are interdependent. And out of the web of technology that has connected us has come new possibilities for each and every individual on the planet.  We each have the power to be super-humans- super self-actualized- achieving a worldwide impact by our own actions that never before could have been possible. With the internet, we each are free to touch millions of other individuals.  We can express our views, and be heard. We each have the power to pursue our dreams, sell our wares, inspire hope, draw attention to needs.  In this new world we each have the power to change our own lives and we each have the power to change the world.   Not just words.  It is Fact.  In 2009, with the incredible connectivity of the Internet, one person’s Faith and Hope and belief in Possibilities has the power to traverse the world in hours, impacting millions for the better.

Case in Point:  Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle performed for “Britain’s Got Talent” just a few days ago.  An unlikely candidate for applaud, without the usual accouterments that draw attention, such as pierced body parts, flashy sequined clothes or sexy hotpants-  Susan took the audience by storm in a stunning, mesmerizing performance that changed people in a nanosecond-from hardened, jaded life observers- to persons of hope, inspiration and belief in the power of the individual to transcend and achieve dreams.  The audience roared with screaming applause, but the moment of glory did not stop as people throughout the world text messaged others with the incredible manifestation of HOPE IN POSSIBILITIES.

Within hours over 9 million people worldwide scrambled to watch the performance on YOU TUBE.  They watching the 47 year old, unemployed, never married, never-even-kissed (!) woman from a small village in Scotland who lives alone with her cat EXCEL to heights unimaginable- achieving her greatest potential and dreams visibly, astoundingly, in front of the world.    And that potential was not just the loveliest, purest and strongest of voices, or the instant fame and economic success that goes with fame.  The greatest potential she achieved was the immediate impact to millions and millions of persons with realization of HOPE in POSSIBILITIES.  Throughout the world, people have stepped aside from moments that would have otherwise been jaded, weary, angry, or depressed to engage and bask in realization of POSSIBILITIES.

Many are watching the YOU TUBE video of Susan Boyle over and over.    Tears of joy.  JOY!  Had we all forgotten what it was??  Sue Boyle has shown us.  She has reminded us of what JOY is.  She has renewed our faith in POSSIBILITIES.  Let us each take time to consider our own possibilities.  And HOPE in them.  And make them REAL.

Thank you,  Susan Boyle, on behalf of the world.

Listen to Sue Boyle Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY


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