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Defining Root Problems, Economic Opportunity, Many Forms of Slavery »

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So many things in life are insidious. They creep up, unnoticed.  In the beginning: normalcy.  A range of “acceptable” that is generally agreed by the majority of a society or culture.   Then, as the boundaries of normalcy are pushed, ever so slowly, the centering point for what is “normal” shifts, with motion barely perceptible, till one day the recollection of “what used to be” creates a sense of aghast over the extremity of the change.  Like shifts in acceptable hemlines over time (one day the knees must not show and …

Taxi Driver Wisdom »

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Mandoux from Haiti is proud to retain his thick accent after seven years as a cab driver in the USA- Tampa, Florida, to be precise.
“If I didn’t keep this accent, I might be mistaken for a US born African American!” he proclaims thickly.  We both pause to take in his meaning, which is not complimentary to our US citizens.  Our thoughts delve into the “why’s” of the desire for disassociation and quickly become mired in complex and confusing possibilities.  But the lingering discomfort of the fact that US immigrants often …