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In-between Places

7 March 2009 No Comment

It is the in-between places that get us.  American, Persian, Chinese, French, Bolivian- its all the same:  The true fight we face from the moment we are born is the fight to reach the finish line with our values and integrity intact.

It is the in-between places that get us.  When one chapter of our life closes but the next chapter has not yet opened.  When the home or job or family we knew is no longer the same.  When the security of sameness that we cling to for inner strength is yanked away and we are forced to tread forward armed only with hope and faith.

Russian, Swiss, Saudi Arabian, Argentinian.  We think that life is about the clear roads of accomplishment, that impediments to our intentions are what thwart our progress.   Life is about the in-between places that test our character.   So live.

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