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13 February 2009 One Comment

A World of Opportunity

A World of Opportunity

This blog is dedicated to

appreciation of the beautiful

individual and cultural differences

the blend into the sensory and spiritual mosaic

that is our beautiful world symphony.

And to a key source of energy that will sustain it:

Global Economic Opportunity.



Do you believe that we are all part of the creation of a beautiful world symphony?

Do you believe that global economic opportunity presents hope for the expansion of the things in our world that are good, right and true?

Do you believe that we are all one people in one creation under one God?

We are all beautiful parts of God’s creation.  And that creation is beautiful.  So why are so many things so ugly- intolerance, injustice, poverty, despair, violence- and what can we do about it?

Grab a cup of Java and lets think on it a while.  

Welcome to the Opportunity Cafe.

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  • Ya Salaam said:

    Lets make some World Music! Anyone out there for a drumming session to kick this off?