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America:  Opportunity for Immigrants -  Immigrants:  Opportunity for America
America: Opportunity for Immigrants                        Immigrants: Opportunity for  America

The United States of America is recognized throughout the world as a place of opportunity.

Generations of immigrants have found a new start and have achieved prosperity in the USA.   It is possible to live, work or study in the USA.   If you have considered migrating, the Diverity Lottery, also known as the green Card Lottery, offers opportunity to people from all over the world with the chance to win a Green Card allowing permanent residence in the USA.

In just a few months, the new round of opportunity to enter the Diversity Lottery will begin.  Read the posts on this site to stay on top of the new application requirements when they are issued.  It is free to apply, but you must understand the requirements.

Opportunity Cafe is devoted to appreciation of global economic opportunity, cultural diversity and the experience of immigrants.   In our diversity that we cumulatively create a beautiful world symphony.   We hope to be able to say to you:  Welcome to the USA!
Learn More about how to enter the Diversity Lottery- CLICK HERE.